Search and Selection Consultancy


As HRex, we are here to provide you with search and selection consultancy services. We understand what matters to you and value your success as an employer. Therefore, we offer a special approach to meet your workforce needs and facilitate your recruitment process.

We understand the importance of growing your business, finding the right talents, and integrating them into your team. That’s where we come in! We provide you with our expert Human Resources professionals who support you in areas such as personnel selection and placement, payroll and personnel administration, performance management, and training and development. We specialize on your behalf so that you can focus on your business.

What do we offer with our selection and placement services?

Customized Approach

We provide you with personalized consultancy services. We work closely with you to fully understand the requirements of your business. This way, we ask the right questions to identify the most suitable candidates for you and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Innovative Job Postings

We work with our creative team to create impressive job postings that reflect your employer brand. By telling your story and capturing the attention of potential candidates, we target the right candidates. We help you reach a wider pool of candidates by posting your job openings on suitable platforms.

Qualified Candidate Pool

We not only utilize our resources but also our extensive network to provide you with qualified candidates. We enrich our candidate pool through job applications, resumes, job boards, professional networks, and more. We apply a rigorous selection process to identify the most suitable candidates for you. Taking Steps Together We take steps together with you in the selection and placement process. We manage steps such as competency assessments, interviews, and reference checks on your behalf. We work with you in making job offers to selected candidates and follow up on the acceptance process.

We are here for you!

As an employer, we value your success and are here to meet your workforce needs. We offer you customized selection and placement consultancy and do our best to make your recruitment process easier. To learn more, get in touch with us.