According to the data released by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC), retail prices in Istanbul increased by 9.84% in July 2023. Year-on-year inflation recorded a 63.76% increase. For salaried employees, this data means that the 100₺ in their pocket at the beginning of the month has decreased to 90.16₺ by the end of July.

Now, let’s consider how those who don’t have any money in their pockets, that is, the unemployed, perceive this news. People who have lost their jobs cannot separate positive and negative developments. For instance, even if you say they have become 10% poorer in their city, they won’t be interested if you say that wages in Istanbul have increased by 20% compared to the previous month. This is because they don’t have any income from labor.

All they are concerned about is constantly searching for jobs that match their physical and mental skills. If their period of unemployment extends, they might overlook their criteria for job satisfaction in the new position and won’t raise their voice to an employer who demands their social life, that is, their own time. Their main focus becomes carefully managing the available resources during their unemployment. At a certain stage, they might even consider jobs that they initially deemed insignificant.

Life has taught me two things: to be prepared for death and to be prepared for unemployment. Individuals who are not prepared for unemployment, as shown in the examples above, cannot prevent their quality of life from deteriorating.

So, what am I doing, you may ask with a condescending tone:

Just like when I was working, I continue to sleep 4 hours a day. However, during the 9-hour gap that emerges:

  • I started morning workouts.
  • I am finally reading the books that I kept postponing.
  • I am practicing my English, which I know 1500 words of and can understand when I hear it.
  • My friends come to visit me, and I go to visit my friends.
  • I conduct academic research on the sectors I am targeting.
  • I analyze failure stories and perform root cause analysis, making necessary repairs to the business model, and simulating to extend the idea’s life.
  • I look at job openings and apply for job postings where I find the job strategy to be flawed.

In short, you may be unemployed, but don’t be powerless. View this period as an opportunity to improve yourself. If you become stronger, more knowledgeable, and more competent than before, you will see that job offers will start coming your way one by one.

Source: Ersin Çayır Linkedin